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The Upsides of Dental Implants

Are you wondering why your dentist has recommended a dental implant? In this post, our Charlottetown dentists list some reasons they may suggest this tooth replacement option.

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When to Start Brushing Your Baby's Teeth

Baby teeth are essential for children's healthy oral development, and for the health of the whole body. That's why brushing them is so important. Here, our Charlottetown dentists explain. 

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The Dental Implant Procedure

Replacing missing teeth is crucial to preserving your long-term oral health. To support a tooth replacement, your dentists may need to place a dental implant. Here, our Charlottetown dentists explain the process of dental implant surgery. 

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What is puberty gingivitis?

Puberty gingivitis is a preventable form of gingivitis that can develop in children during puberty. Here, our Charlottetown dentists explain what causes it, and how to prevent it.

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Dental Implants Healing Time

Dental implant surgery, just like any other type of surgery, requires a recovery period. After getting one or multiple dental implants inserted, the recovery is relatively short. Here, our Charlottetown dentists explain. 

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What will happen during my children's dental appointment?

A child's dental appointment involves many of the same elements as an adult dental appointment, but there are a few differences. Here, our Charlottetown dentists explain what to expect during your child’s dental appointment.

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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

If you are missing any teeth then your dentist will likely recommend tooth replacement options. If this is the case and you have been missing teeth for some time then you may be in need of bone grafting. In this post, our Charlottetown dentists talk about bone grafting and why it may be necessary for dental implants.

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Healthy Teeth: Why Starting Early is Key

Preventive oral hygiene is the best defence against tooth decay. Here, our Charlottetown dentists explain why establishing good dental health care routines early is important for your child.

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What is it like living with dental implants?

If your dentist has recommended restoring your smile using a dental implant then you may be wondering what to expect after you have had the procedure done. Our Charlottetown dentists explain some of what you can expect in your day-to-day life once you have a dental implant.

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How To Teach Oral Hygiene To Kids

Good oral hygiene habits start when children are babies. We explain why it’s important to teach habits early through instruction and reinforce them throughout childhood.

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